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Secret Tips for your Moving Day

Here are some tips for your next move!

1. Give the movers a small tip before they start your job! This might sound strange but you are programming your movers attitude and will probably raise the level of care with your goods from the start. Happy movers are careful movers.

2. If this does not work for your budget, maybe plan a snack during the move or a short rest for a glass of juice or a pop. This could be the pick up the mover needs to keep him feeling good while he is concentrating with your furniture, not how thirsty he is.

3. Plan to supervise what goes and explain where the goods will end up at the new home.

4. At the new home be prepared to be the traffic cop when the truck is unloaded. Not being there to supervise at the drop off will cause you days of grief when it comes to straightening out items placed in the wrong rooms.

5. Make a list, have plenty of supplies, utilize wardrobe boxes, strategize wardrobe box use, colour coordinate.

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