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10 Perfect Ways to Save Money When Moving

Updated: May 3, 2021

Here are a few techniques to help you save money, so you can place that cash into your new home or... your wallet.

#1. Have a Give Away Party.

It's a great way to see everyone before you leave and all at once. They gave you house warming presents now you can return the favor. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure. You'd be surprised how people love free stuff, especially when it’s an item to remember you by.

#2. Get Rid of the Extras.

If you haven't worn it in the last year, it's time to move on . Yes, that means those shoes with those dust heels that yo keep thinking you're going to have re-soled again. Loose them. Dispose of the things that you don't need or need half a month prior to you intend to move - including the old furniture you expect to supplant, and the kitchen things you once in a while use. Have a yard sale.

Craigslist has a "free section" you can leave your items, couches or that Nordic Track you collecting dust in the back alley. If it gets too close to moving day and you haven't made that sale. Leave it for all to pick up in the alley on a Saturday.

#3. Don't Hire a Mover.

If you’re a student or you’re adult moving into a one bedroom apartment down the street and you have family members or friends that can lift a fridge - let them. You can always borrow cousin Bobbie's pick-up and make a few trips. At the end of day or even if it goes into the night, all it will cost you is a six-pack of beer and maybe a few sore muscles. At the same time if you have a multi-bedroom home or important items, it's best to go with experienced movers. Hiring movers doesn't have to be expensive.

#4. Check the Moving Statements.

Get some quotes. If it's the winter months, you might want to try haggling a bit with your moving company. However, book as early as possible before rates raise in the summer months. Movers get booked up in the summer months and don’t need to negotiate. Prices tend to be higher and a lot less negotiable.

#5. Don't Overspend on Packing Supplies.

Never purchase supplies from the moving truck. Get boxes from loved ones on the off chance that you can. If not, accepting boxes from nearby home improvement stores or go to your local Home Depot. Relocating can be a joy, if you can think of it as you're going to something, instead of away from something else. Every 1,000 mile journey starts with the first step and by keeping some cash in your pocket, it's better to get there with a full wallet. By getting ready for the big day, you can make a smooth progress from your old to new home and that piece of mind is priceless.

#6. Refreshments at the Ready.

Your moving team will be working for you all day. If you keep them hydrated, they’ll manage to keep up he pace a little easier. If you give them coffee, it’s amazing to see how that pep in their step can cut an hour or so off your rate. If they don’t drink coffee maybe a soda with caffeine. Also, they’ll feel appreciated and subconsciously want to return the favor. Don't forget about yourself, it can be a long day.

#7. Ask for a Discount

Moving companies pay a fee when processing your transaction with a credit card purchases. Ask If you can receive a discount if you pay with an e-transfer or check.

#8. Disassemble some House Hold Items

TV’s can be taken down off the wall to save to time and reduce costs. If your bed is dismantled and screws are in a bag taped to a post or headboard, these types of things can save everyone time and save you money.

#9. Don’t Hire Cheap Movers

Sometimes movers will estimate your move cheaper than other movers just to get your business, then ultimately you’ll have to pay the final cost based on how long the move will take (if moving locally). It’s funny how the cheapest hourly movers seem to turn into walking zombies once they start the job. If you have a very unprofessional moving company, it could take much longer to move your items than with a professional company. With cheap, unprofessional movers, you run the risk of your items being damaged. In the end cheap movers can cost you and be more expensive than a professional mover.

#10. Find the Right Match

If you’re in a one bedroom and the moving company one has a cube van, that is a good match. If you’re doing a local move, you should hire a smaller, local company. If you’re moving over the border you should hire a moving company that specializes in cross border moves. If you’re moving to Germany, you probably want to hire an overseas mover. A moving company who specializes with your particular concerns will have a clearer idea of the true costs of your move and ultimately save you money.

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