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Cross Border Moves

No one comes close when it comes to Cross Border Moves. CanWest Van Lines has been awarded "Best Cross Border Mover" of the year and here’s why. At CanWest Van Lines we don’t partner with another conglomerate moving company to trade off your precious goods to cut costs at your expense. We have a proprietary process where no one except you and your original driver moves your goods. NO passing off your goods, NO mixing your house hold articles with another families goods on the same truck. NO unnecessary HUB drop offs in the middle of nowhere for some other truck to unknowingly pick up your belongings.


We load it, you lock it. When we arrive on time to your new home, you use the same key to unlock it then, we unload it. NO cross contamination of another family’s goods. This saves you a lot of potential heartache and ensures your health and safety as well as helps avoid different moving companies trying to pass the buck when it comes to taking responsibility on any sort of claim. We avoid all that before we start. You’re welcome! 


CanWest Van Lines trains International Relocation specialists to do one thing and one thing only, help your move from the US to Canada or, move from Canada to the US or Mexico. It’s easy to trip up on the rules and regulations when moving cross border. We take the anxiety and guesswork out of the process for you. All you have to do is read our reviews and check our awards to verify that as a fact.


Our Cross Border Specialists:

  • Your agent will provide and complete all required International documents for you to make it easier going through the process of customs clearances and the customs process.

  • Are with you throughout the entire moving process, staying ahead of your move to the US or move to Canada, making sure your move is perfectly executed.

  • Ensures your items arrive on time, without surprises or disappointment to your new home in the US, Canada or Mexico.

  • Communicates with you throughout your move whether by phone, email or smoke signals. Whatever your preference, we make it happen.

  • Provides you with your CanWest Van Lines Customer Informational Package

                *Cross Border Forms will be provided to you by your Agent.


Local & Long Distance Moves

Our crew handles your belongings with the utmost care and pays special attention to every detail. Whether padding furniture, wrapping couches or hanging your clothes in a wardrobe box, we ensure your move is hassle-free. Rest assured, any special needs are handled with due care by our expert staff. If you need a place to store things for awhile, moving and storage is another one of our many services. We have moving boxes in all sizes, including any moving materials you can think of.

From a large item like an outdoor spa to delicate crystal chandeliers, our crews are specially trained and equipped to handle any moving situation. We are well known piano movers and can handle large screen TV's, boardroom tables, fridge's, heavy furniture. Awkward items are easily handled using techniques and equipment we have refined over the years.


As professional movers we are equipped with clean modern trucks, dollies, shrink wrap and blankets to make sure everything is completely protected. CanWest has been moving businesses and families for years. We have grown due to repeat business and referrals right from the start, courtesy of our happy customers.



Corporate and Government Moves

We were awarded "The National Quality Mover Award" for good reason. CanWest Van Lines provides services throughout Canada and the United States. When we provide our services, there is NO sharing truck loads, NO dropping off precious items at an outpost hub.


Rest assured, your goods won't be left in the middle of nowhere for an unknown mover to randomly pick up and drop off to another hub and/or deliver to your home. We will be your only carrier. That process can leave different companies passing the buck in the unfortunate situation when it comes too claims due to transitions.


The National Quality Mover Award is given to the mover with the lowest level of claims.  At CanWest Van Lines, we take full responsibility and ownership of your move, from start to finish. No one else outside of CanWest Van Lines shares or touches your belongings. We serve every major city on either side of the border.  Whether you're moving from BC to Texas, or Florida to Ontario or Mexico, we're ready to help you.


Once you choose CanWest Van Lines you can start to relax. We'll make sure to treat your belongings as if they were our own. Our moving company has upheld a great rating. 

Check for yourself. All of our awards and reviews prove just that!

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