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About Us



CanWest Van Lines has received distinguished awards in our strive toward excellence such as the “Best Cross Border Mover Award” and “The National Quality Mover Award”. We feel no one comes close and here’s why.


Our logistics, we do it differently than the competition. After your move is packed and loaded, there is ONE truck with ONE driver who drives from your pick up location and that SAME DRIVER pulls up your driveway to drop off your goods. No changing drivers or mixing loads or goods on trucks or warehouses.


No cross-pollination of your families precious cargo. No passing the buck or avoiding responsibility when it comes to taking ownership concerning unforeseen issues. We take you from A to Z seamlessly. No other long distance, cross border mover can say that.


The success of our business is a direct reflection of our proprietary moving logistics program combined with the loyalty and dedication of our employees. CanWest Van Lines’ workforce is a tight knit group that appreciates the family values that are incorporated into every aspect of our operation.


Customers will find CanWest’s staff to be knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive to your needs and requirements.  Whether it’s a local, long distance or cross border move to the US or a cross border move to Canada or Mexico, we are here to help. We are with you through your entire move and fully licensed , registered and insured.

Professional. Reliable. Honest.

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